Simon Fell > Its just code : Sunday, March 16, 2003

Simon Fell > Its just code

Sunday, March 16, 2003

all wet If you have a linksys WET11 and plan to plug a hub/switch into its LAN port, make sure you've got the 1.4.3 firmware installed, otherwise it dies horriblely.
< 2:59:24 PM  # > Codename John/Grooverider - Dreams of Heaven (from Grooverider Presents: The Prototype Years)
Tivoweb Got the turbonet installed, telnet, ftp and tivoweb up and running, and I dropped an extra 80 gig drive in whilst I had the cover off. Just for grins, I might try and get tclSOAP up and running on it.
< 12:30:55 PM  # > Hexstatic - Aquarius - Boards Of Canada (from Solid Steel Presents Listen & Learn [UK])
Tivo Some handy Tivo hacking links.
< 11:42:08 AM  # > Hexstatic - Solid Steel Scratch School - Hexstatic (from Solid Steel Presents Listen & Learn [UK])
PocketSOAP v1.4.3 RC1 Just posted, its now using PocketHTTP as its core HTTP engine, the MIME support has been tweaked to cope with responses that are missing the start attribute on the content type, and there are now built binaries for the PocketPC 2002 emulator.
< 10:31:45 AM  # > Kula Shaker - Grateful When You're Dead/Jerry Was There (from K)