Simon Fell > Its just code : Saturday, February 08, 2003

Simon Fell > Its just code

Saturday, February 08, 2003 Here's blogping.root a little Radio tool that pings when you update your weblog.
< 10:05:40 PM  # > Grooverider - What I Need - Special Forces (from Fabriclive 06 [Tin] [UK])
Stylin' Brad has a new layout, looks great!. This inspired me to start work on a new look for this weblog (I've been wanting to do this for a while now), anyway, first things first, I want to change how the day permalinks are rendered, anyone know is there an archiveUrl macro ?
< 5:00:16 PM  # > BT - Firewater (from ESCM)
PocketSOAP v1.4.2 released, just a couple of bug fixes.
< 4:02:17 PM  # > Enigma, Kuo Hsin-Chu, Kuo Ying-Nau - Return to Innocence (from LSD: Love, Sensuality and Devotion)
PocketSOAP Found a bug relating to deeply nested id/href not being handled correctly during de-serialization, I'm testing out the fix over the weekend, expect a new (v1.4.2) release soon.
< 12:44:05 PM  # > Banco de Gaia - Kincajou (from 10 Years Disc 1)
Apache interop server Hey Sam, are the Apache SOAP & Axis interop endpoints ever coming back ??
< 12:41:07 PM  # > Banco de Gaia - Heliopolis [Redwood Mix] (from 10 Years Disc 1)
SF Indiefest Saw the Fuel for the Quirky Alone set of shorts last night, recommended if you get the chance to see it. Needle in a Haystack was my favorite, whilst Human which looked great, was the most predictable.
< 11:54:05 AM  # > New Order - Temptation (from Retro Disc 4)
new blogs cool, Christian Weyer and Shawn Van Ness get blogs.
< 11:12:26 AM  # > New Order - As It Is When It Was (from Retro Disc 4)
RSS Greg has some thoughts on GUIDs in RSS. I never really did get why this was needed, but I always assumed that was just because I hadn't thought about it enough. Seems to me that the aggregator should skip any GUIDs its already seen, but weblogging software should give the user the ability to give an existing post a new GUID for the situation where siginificant (as defined by the user) changes to an existing post are made.
< 11:07:34 AM  # > New Order - Regret (from Retro Disc 4)
Dinner Anyone want to meet up for a ".NET Blogger Dinner" on Saturday, February 8th in San Francisco? Richard Caetano is first on the list. How about we meet in the lobby of the San Francisco Marriott at 6 p.m.? [The Scobleizer Weblog] Sounds good to me
< 10:55:56 AM  # > New Order - Fine Time (from Retro Disc 4)