Simon Fell > Its just code : Sunday, September 08, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Had a trip out to Amoeba yesterday, Haight was full of people as usual, but unusually I came out of Amoeba empty handed, so I walked back down haight to Spundae, then onto Compound Records, picked up a bunch of good stuff. Seems like vinyl is still alive and well, both Spundae & Compound had larger vinyl selections than CD, and the Virgin megastore downtown now sports a vinyl section in the electronica dept as well.
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Clemens Vasters, Ingo Rammer, and Brad Wilson are all debating binary XML.  [News from the Forest] I agree with Justin's comment that anything destined to last longer than a transitory message should be in XML 1.0, complete with angle brackets. I've been back and forth as to whether a binary XML format should be tied to a schema, but in the end I don't think it should, however you should be able to take the schema and produce an optimized reader if you want to. You could intern all the strings, and make the end element marker not require the element name to compact down the representation.

If you're interested in reducing HTTP message sizes, and can't wait for some people to ship this, then deflate encoding is the way to go, most HTTP servers have some support for this, and the toolkit folks are starting to take advantage of it, SOAP::Lite has supported this for ages, It'll be in the next release of PocketSOAP, and I saw a patch for Apache SOAP not too long ago.

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Apple Explains Interface Differences [Slashdot]
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