Simon Fell > Its just code : Friday, July 19, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Friday, July 19, 2002

Got an answer to my Radio/AppleScript question, thanks David!
< 9:34:38 PM  # more elsewhere > [via iTunes] Lush 3 (Euro Tunnel Disaster '94) / Walk About (John Peel Sessions) - Orbital

Still having problems with the airport connection on the TiBook, everything appears to be ok (i can browse, get mail, netstat looks resonable), but in iTunes [both 2 &3], the CDDB queries always fail when using the airport connection [works fine when wired], just to add to the confusion, its perfectly happy to play mp3 streams over the airport, just not CDDB. The same problem seems to be affecting the Radio to connection as well. Grrrrhhhh :(
< 9:27:59 PM  # more elsewhere > [via iTunes] Impact USA (The Earth Is Burning: Diversion) - Orbital

Big turn out at Platform last night, congrats to the Plado Media folks.
< 8:27:36 PM  # more elsewhere > 08. Phenomenon One

James has a sample WSDL 1.1 for the GET binding for the interop registry, whilst its correct, its not particularly useful. All it says is you get a soap response. There's two things i think need to be added, (i) a detailed indication of the response, perhaps a pointer to a binding/operation (ii) an indication that the xlink:href attributes which are typed as xsd:anyURI return a URI to an instance of a particular WSDL binding. A client tool processing the WSDL could then build an object model that navigates around the resources by returning new proxy objects.
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