Simon Fell > Its just code : Thursday, May 30, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Joe seems interested in my idea so I played with Visual Studio’s Add Web Reference wizard to see how it handles link elements. It looks like it just looks at the first "alternate" link with type='text/xml'. This could be a problem for sites that want to link to both types of documents. [matt.griffith] This shouldn't be a problem going forward, as DISCO is dead, and WSIL [which replaces it], uses a meta tag instead.

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Matt Griffith: Do any RSS aggregators use the HTML link element? [via Joe Gregorio: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas] This sounds like a fantastic idea. Specifying the location of your RSS feed in a standard machine-readable format would solve a real problem. [dive into mark] Seems like a great idea to me, I've added it here.
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Doug Kaye on ebXML ..... "IBM and Microsoft still aren't committed". Given that Microsoft aren't supporting SwA, seems like they don't care much for ebXML [which uses SwA]
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