Simon Fell > Its just code : Monday, April 08, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Monday, April 08, 2002

PocketSOAP 1.3 Beta 5 now available : Just posted this, it should be the last beta release for the 1.3 version, it includes support for SOAP attachments, via both DIME and SwA. The attachments are fully streaming both ways, you can send files much larger than the available memory. There are various other tweaks and bug fixes as well. The DIME side conforms to both the core DIME spec, as well as the Encapsulating SOAP in DIME spec. Attachments Interop results are also available.
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Are you doing SOAP over RS-485? [BitWorking] Ahhh, that takes me back to the "good ole days" !. As some of you may know, I originally worked in the process control industry, and had my fair sharing of banging my head against various RS-232, RS-485 serial protocols, and a whole pile of proprietry twisted pair 64kb/s token ring networks. I think Sattbus was my favorite at the time, although DH+ was a close second, you could route between multiple DH+ networks using a DH backbone, which allowed you to build some pretty big networks, without saturating the local links. There were move afoot to standardize the process control networks, when I left the industry, I wonder if it succeeded ?
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BitWorking: "I have to admit that I am impressed with the design of C#. " Have you looked at Java recently? ":-)" [Snell's Blog] Why, has the design on the Java language changed recently ?
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