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Saturday, October 7, 2006

I recently upgraded to a new Mac, in the process I used the Migration Assistant to move everything over from my "old" Mac, this is the first time I've seen this in action, I was seriously impressed with how well it works, just string a firewire cable between the 2 and boot the old mac into firewire drive mode by holding down T while it boots. Migration Assistant on the new Mac takes care of pulling everything over, your desktop, profile, applications, settings. It got almost everything, I've only found 2 things it missed, one was some customizations to the system httpd.conf file, and the second was the subversion command line client I'd installed. Everything else worked flawlessly including various apps that have serial number/license keys. Compared to the days of building a new Windows machine where you spend days re-installing all your apps from scratch it was an absolute breeze, I was up and running and back in action about an hour after first turning on the new Mac.

It looks like parallels supports USB devices, if that's works well with the set of pocketPC devices I've got, then I might end up moving entirely over to the Mac and ditching my main PC all togther, that'd be great, I've accumulated far too many PC's over the years, this'd be a good chance to clean house and dump a bunch of them.