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Monday, June 30, 2003

I wrote a while back about options for integration hi-fi and PC, in the end I settled for the long cable runs, putting the PC on the end of a tape loop from the amp, and I'm pretty happy with it, turned out to be cheap ($40 worth of cables from radio shack), can listen to SomaFM, Tags Trance, Basedrive and other internet streaming radio station's on the hi-fi, can listen to to vinyl via the Rega p25 whilst still sat in front of the PC, and Sound Forge Studio works pretty well for ripping from vinyl to mp3s (for the iPod).

BTW, the Rega is absolutely awesome, well recorded vinyl is easily on par with CD, and even manages an impressive job when faced with 20 year old abused Art of Noise singles. If you have any sort of vinyl collection, do yourself a favor and get one these puppies.