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Sunday, April 6, 2003

This weblog is based on an implementation of the RESTLog API that I wrote in .NET. The source code is available under the MIT license, for those who are interesting in running / examining / extending this themselves

Sever (RESTLog.NET v0.1)

The server is implemented as a number of custom HttpHandlers that are compiled to a DLL, and has the following features

  • Any number of weblog instances can be run on a single ASP.NET install.
  • configuration for a particular instance of a weblog is handled entirely in the web.config file.
  • template files (ordinary aspx format pages) are used to control the look & feel / rending of the pages.
  • A static RSS (1.0) file is generated each time there's a change.
  • Support for automatic pingbacks.
  • main index page show recent entries, there are also monthly archive pages and individual post pages.
  • posts are stored as simple XML files, easy to migrate to/from other blogging tools.

You can download the binaries and source for v0.1, then take a gander at the installation and configurations notes. The latest code is available on SourceForge

Client (relaxer.NET v0.6)

A .NET Winforms application for adding/updating/deleting posts for any RESTLog compliant server

  • Simple interface, supports multiple weblogs
  • Spell checker (requires MS Word)
  • Winamp integration (requires WS-Amp) & WMP9 integration (requires the Blog Plugin)
  • Drag'n'drop from the browser to edit.
  • Can ping plus any other servers that implement the ping interface.
  • Includes a pingback & trackback client.

Still in progress, v0.6 is now available.

Client (relaXer v0.1)

A Cocoa application for Mac OS X for adding/updating/deleting posts for any RESTLog compliant server

  • Native Cocoa application
  • Spell Checker
  • iTunes integration
  • Drag'n'drop from the browser to edit

Still in progress, here a screen shot, to keep you going.