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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The espresso lovers on Coffee Geek & Home Barista hold Caffe Fresco's Ambrosia blend in high regard (and rightly so), I figured I'd tried something new and got some of the Black Hand Blend, It quite unusual, rich, nutty and full of character the bag says, and that it is, its also quite spicy, it has a quite distinct peppery/cinnamon spicy kick to it, which I've never noticed in other blends, it works surprisingly well, I really like it. After all, I ordered some more, so it must be good :)

Monday, July 3, 2006

I've been working my way through the Bolivia - 2005 Cup of Excellence - Agricabv Calama Marka that I got, there's just enough left to make one more cup of drip with it. It made a great cup of drip (using the melitta) fruity, very crisp and clean and stayed good as it cooled. I also french pressed it and put it through the mill with the vac-pot, they turned out good to, but surprising to me, not as good as the drip. If you drink a lot of drip be sure to try it out.

I couldn't resist the sale any longer, so ordered some of the Caffe Fresco Daterra Estate's Espresso Reserve, its the bargain of the summer at $10/Lb. I normally get the Ambrosia espresso blend as well when I order from Caffe Fresco, but this time thought I'd try something new, so settled on the Black Hand Blend, which has the intriguing description of Black Hand Blend Is Reminiscent Of The Hills Of Sicily. A Land Where Evening Breezes Are Charged With Fragrances From Citrus Trees. A Place Where Kitchens Are Filled With Aromas Of Wine And Tables Are Adorned With Nuts And Figs. Contents Of This Blend Are Secret - Reminiscent Of The Black Hand.. Sounds like it should be another one of Tony's masterpeices.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I've mainly been drinking the Ecco Caffe Daterra Estate Reserve the last few days, its tasty, a little more laid back than the Northern Italian Reserve Espresso, surprisingly given its laid back nature its really good in milk drinks, the sweetness of the milk really helps bring out the coca and almond notes. It also works well outside of espresso, great as drip or vac-pot.

I've had the Daterra's reserve before from Caffe Fresco, who also do an excellent job of roasting it. (I haven't had it recently enough to give a head to head review), the Fresco folks are currently having a summer sale and have the Daterra reserve on sale at $10/pound which is an absolute steal.