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Monday, January 2, 2006

I was good this year and Santa brought me a Bodum Santos, a vacuum pot coffee brewer, we set it up and tried it out yesterday, its a very cool contraption, its just fascinating to watch it push the water up into the top pot, mix with the grinds, brew the coffee, then have the brewed coffee drop back into the bottom pot, with all the grinds left in the top. It does this purely with a mechanical spring and vapor pressure, not a single electrical gizmo in sight, great to watch in action and quite the contrast to the high tech espresso machine I normally use. The resulting coffee had a very clean & crisp taste, vastly better than the more popular drip coffee results, and given the nature of it I was very surprised that there were practically no grinds left in the brewed coffee.

If you normally drink drip and are looking for something that’s both better and a little different, check them out. Sweet Marias has a range of vac pots available, the Cona ones look realy nice.

Mark Prince (the geek in wrote a great vac pot faq if you want to know more.