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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've been trying out the Twitter API from Apex code, turns out to be reasonably straight forward, i was able to put together a little client class that can get your friends timeline, and to post new updates (the rest of the api is basically a matter of typing at this point). Using this means you can post twitter updates with just 2 lines of apex code

TwitterForce t = new TwitterForce('someUsername', 'somePassword');
t.postUpdate('@arrowpointe working on it (this from apexcode)', '985929063');
The last parameter to postUpdate is the statusId of an existing status you're replying to, or null for something that's not a reply, postUpdate returns you a TwitterForce.Status object that contains all the information about the new post. You can also fetch your current timeline, with
TwitterForce t = new TwitterForce('someUsername', 'somePassword');
List<TwiterForce.Status> statuses = t.friendsTimeline();
Using this i was able to throw together a custom visualforce controller that lets me set my twitter login info, then see my timeline, and post update.

Rebuilding the twitter UI in VF is not that interesting, but being able to programatically interact with Twitter from apex code is. Here's the code, it includes the TwitterForce client class, some tests, the demo VF controller, and demo VF page. remember you'll need to add to your org's remote sites for the API calls to work. Enjoy, and see you at #dreamforce. apex Twitter