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Friday, October 26, 2007

Got Leopard installed without a hitch, spotlight is still chugging away re-indexing everything. Going back to my earlier Time Machine question, it won't let you pick a CIFS or SMB mounted volume as the destination, so I'd think the chances of Windows Home Server being usable as a TM destination are about 0. (There also seems to be an ongoing question about using TM with an AirPort Extreme hosted disk, which is disappointing)

A quick check of my apps, they all appear fine so far with the exception of SF3 which appears to have some weirdness around timezones in the calendar syncing. I need to dig into that some more. The new conflict and changes dialogs from Sync Services are nice, now you can actually see what's going to get changed when it warns you that 50 calendar entries are going to change.