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Saturday, June 30, 2007

I got to see both ends of the buying spectrum yesterday, I queued up at the local AT&T store, expecting it to be a complete zoo at the Apple store, Got there just after 4PM and was about 60th in line. 6PM comes around the AT&T drone comes out and goes blah blah blah, got lots of phones, but if we run out, can take orders. The first 12 people go in, they have 12 salespeople, and they keep 12 customers in the store. The line is moving at an abysmally slow rate, the folks in front of my say they're forcing credit checks on everyone, despite having read the day before that it would be optional. 7PM comes around and there's still about 20 people in front of me before we get in. (so 12 salespeople managed to turn around a whopping 40 people in an hour!). Then the AT&T drone comes out and says they're running out of 8Gb phones. A few people have already quit and headed up the street to the main San Francisco Apple store, then a guy on a bike comes by, says the line at the Apple store has gone and they still have phones. I cut my looses and walk up to the store, walk straight in the front door, get in the queue at the counter, and walk out about 5 minutes later with an 8Gb iPhone, no mess, no fuss.

Activation went fine, although some 15 hours later, I'm still waiting for the number transfer to complete (moving from T-Mobile), I can use the phone and dial out, but incoming calls still goto the old phone. My only other problem is DHCP, It'll connect to my wireless network fine, but doesn't seem to like my Windows DHCP server, it claims to be connected but won't use the wi-fi for anything. I flipped the config to a static IP and its working great now. Will try and work out what's going on there later.

The initial sync is slick, and with SF3 in the mix, I had all my managed contacts sync'd down on to the phone no trouble :)

The display is gorgeous, and the UI is very snappy, pretty much the exact opposite of every other phone I've had, the skateboarding dog works great.