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Monday, June 25, 2007

For a long time now I've been working on a new build of SF3, trying to address the myriad of edge cases around contact sync, I got stuck in a loop one fix would cause another failure, fixing that would cause another problem and fixing that would lead back to the first problem. Adding other sync clients into the mix like Entourage further complicate things because they can change the truth database in ways that Address Book does not (or at least in ways that are not natural for Address Book). Finally, in prep'ing for the Sync Services Lab session at the WWDC, I got inspired as to how i might break the loop, and the good folks from Apple at the Sync Services lab confirm that it would work, and also took the time to discuss other approaches, and how some of the early choices i made might be complicating matters. (I should write up all the ins'n'outs of the data model mapping problems). So, now there's a new release of SF3 available that bares the fruits of those changes. This should address the various edge cases including those Entourage related edge cases, and now i can move on with some UI and other improvements (like the option to prompt you before applying the changes to That of course assumes I can keep away from playing with all the shiny new developer toys in the Leopard beta.