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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sulawesi Toraja
Yikes, Its been quite a while since I last roasted , I fired up the iRoast this weekend, and roasted a batch of Sulawesi Toraja, it didn't turn out quite as consistent as i'd liked. I tied it in a cup of drip today, and it was quite drinkable, but kinda flat, based on the Sweet Maria's blurb, I think next time I need to let it get to 2nd crack. Today, I tried making my own blend, 50% of the Sulawesi Toraja and 50% Ethiopian dry processed Ghimbi, which should add some good aromatics and more of an earthy / chocolatey flavor. I let this one run longer than yesterdays batch, and the resulting roast looks more consistent, will find out in the week how it tastes.