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Thursday, March 1, 2007

I Just posted v1.2 of Maildrop, (it'll automatically offer to update you, or pick check for updates from the menu). It has various improvements and usability tweaks.

  • Login dialog updated to better support mutliple keychain entries. (uses the new shared Login code)
  • Both the Login and Add Email windows are brought to the front when activated by the scripts. (sometimes they'd get left hidden under windows)
  • Adding a Sent email now defaults the Who to the addresse rather than the sender.
  • The date for a sent email from Entourage is now picked up correctly.
  • Add Email will now set the Type field on the Task to Email, if the field is not hidden by Field Level Security.

I'm still surprised exactly how popular Maildrop is, but given its popularity I also can't work out why the other tools are much less popular, I was expecting the mountable documents volume to be a crowd pleaser, but i've heard zilch feedback about it.