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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My previous ramblings about Spotlight left me thinking about a Quicksilver plugin, I use Quicksilver way more than Spotlight, plus Quicksilver is extensible (if poorly documented) with additional plug-ins, so I put together a Quicksilver plug-in for Salesforce, download the plugin, expand the zip, double click the plugin file to install it into Quicksilver, then goto the Quicksilver properties to setup your Salesforce login info. After that, there's 2 new actions, the first is search, associated with QS's text mode (e.g. hit ctril-space to bring up QS, hit ., type foo, tab to the action menu and select search salesforce, takes 10 times longer to explain than to do). The 2nd action is associated with files, and allows you to easily upload a file into a document in Feedback welcome over on the MacForce list.