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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Apple builds some really good looking hardware, but they can't design a keyboard or mouse for shit. The standard apple keyboard is an ergonomic nightmare, I'll take the vastly superior Micrsosoft Natural 4000 thank you very much. (but now i don't have a CD eject button, which is getting annyoying, will have to try and track down an eject button app or something).

My new Mac included a mighty mouse, which i've tried out a couple of times, I couldn't get on with it very well, I don't find the bar of soap shape to be very comfortable, sometimes it seems to mis-detect left vs right clicks as well. Most frustrating though, is that either the MM driver is flaky, or a I have a flaky mouse, when using the mighty mouse, clicking the mouse will regularly crash whatever app has focus (and i managed to have this happen this morning to my parallels VM, which seemed to result in a corrupt VM disk image, everytime i try and boot the VM, it gets so far then just powers off the VM, grrhhh, fortuantly I hadn't gotten very far in setting it up, so not too much work to repeat). The Mac is rock steady using a MS mouse instead of the mighty mouse, so i suspect a bad mouse, oh joy. (If only i could get the extra side button to do something)