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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Got the new drop installed, although the final step, which I think is the docs, died with an AV. The good news is that the SSL problems that were plaguing me are gone, but I ran into one new problem, the generated config file just doesn't seem to work, calls to new SoapProxy("Soap") return an error

Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Could not find Channel element for configuration name Soap and contractType Soap, client, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null.
at System.ServiceModel.Design.ConfigLoader.LoadChannelDescription(ChannelDescription channelDescription, ContractDescription contract, String configurationName, EndpointAddress address)
at System.ServiceModel.Design.ChannelLoader..ctor(Type contractType, String configurationName, EndpointAddress address)
at System.ServiceModel.ChannelFactory`1..ctor(String configurationName)
at System.ServiceModel.ProxyBase`1..ctor(String configurationName)
at client.Main(String[] args)

The problem with the missing Position attributes in the generated code is still there, but the problem around arrays not being declared as arrays is fixed. I was able to put together a quick sample that created some accounts and queried them back.

I finally worked out what it is about the programming model that bugs me, I have to create a request object that represents the entire request message, yet the proxy still have methods on it for each operation, so you end up with code like

create_RequestMessage crm = new create_RequestMessage();
// populate all the headers and body for crm

It seems weird that the operation to be invoked is both embodied by the type of the create message, and the method I pass it to on the proxy, It feels like some halfway house between the RPC style, and a more messaging style.