Simon Fell > Its just code > WS-Addressing, EndpointReferences and WSE mixup

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Its entirely possible that I'm missing something, but it appears that what seems to me to be the most obvious use case for EndpointReferences is not supported in WSE 2.0.

It seems to me that the most obvious way to get an EndpointReference is to make a soap call to get one, but WSE 2.0 doesn't seem to support this, if I write a service that returns an EndpointReference object, then trying to generate the WSDL will choke with a reflection error. I manually hacked up a WSDL that included a EPR element in its return, and wseWsdl2.exe choked on trying to generate that operation. Is this a WSE problem, is this a WS-Addressing problem ? (there's no XSD schema in the spec, there's no mention of how it fits with WSDL), or did I just miss something ? What does an operation that returns an EPR look like in WSDL ?

While I'm griping about WSE2.0, its a pity the docs don't call out exactly which version of specs it supports, it includes a link to the WS-Addressing spec, but that link now holds the Aug 2004 rev of the spec, which WSE 2.0 most certainly does not implement.