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Sunday, October 24, 2004

The whirlwind trip to the devcon is over, as always Chris & Co put on an excellent gig, The location & services were great (with the exception of the complete lack of meal choices for the veggies). I thoroughly enjoyed it, the mix of vendor dev talks, end user dev talks and the extremely smart attendees makes for an interesting time, was great to hear from all the people that came and told me how tcpTrace or YATT or PocketSOAP had made their lives easier, always good to hear. DougP gave a very entertaining talk on web services versioning, one the major reasons i was at the conference, which turned out to be a bitter sweet result for me, I was happy that they'd come to the same conclusion i already had, but disappointed that it really is going to be that much of a hack to get it to work. Perhaps hack isn't the right word, more messy, whatever you call it, its a solution i don't like, but looks like the best that can be done. I also got to have a great chat with ChrisAn about extensibility differences between the class libraries in Java and .NET. (amongst other things)