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Friday, October 3, 2003

Haven't posted much recently, mainly because I've been busy, then I've been sick, now I'm back to been busy, here's a few bit'n'peices

  • Sam thinks WS aren't in use, this I heartily disagree with, Web Services are getting deployed for both intra and inter company integrations and systems, what doesn't appear to be happening is the consumer focused web services (ala Hailstorm), I remember someone saying that this is because of security issues, which I don't buy, I think its more of a business model problem more than anything else.
  • Reading, I've been reading Chris Sell's Windows Forms Programming in C#, overall I've been impressed, it has a bunch of useful info in there, all in Chris's easy to read style I did however think that the chapter on Applications and Settings was a bit weak, in particular at the start of the chapter he outlines a bunch of problems, but as the solution evolves throughout the chapter I don't see it solving the problem. I've also been reading Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model which seems pretty good, only time will tell though in this case.
  • Continuing to make progress on PocketSOAP 2.0, the SOAP 1.2 support is almost complete (its in CVS if you want to try it).
  • I've also been working on the WSDL generator, fixed a couple of bugs, supported a few more XSD constructs, hopefully there will be a new release available soon.
  • I'm sick and tired of hearing about longhorn, particularly of the "it rocks but I can't tell you" variety, and Scobble's incessantly going on about it has actually backfired and reduced my interest in going to the PDC. All you ever seem to hear out of the MS machine is what magical thing is coming in 2-3 years time that's going to save the world, and nothing about the problems I'm trying to solve today.