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Saturday, July 12, 2003

I've been reading Joe's draft Eco API doc, here's some comments (posted here, because following the wiki is just getting impossible for me, YMMV)

  • Instrospection
    • what are all the valid element names for the introspection document?
    • can i extend this with Namespace qualified elements?
    • shouldn't this document be in a namespace?
    • are fully qualified URLs required, can i use relative URLs instead? xml:base?
  • Creating a new entry
    • Why does creating a new entry goto the <edit-entry/> URL whilst updating an existing entry goto the <create-entry/> URL, based on the surounding text, I'd expect them both to go the <create-entry/> url
    • in 4.2.1 the GET example, shouldn't the Content-Type header be an Accept header?
  • Deleting an entry should use the HTTP DELETE method.
  • Are the user prefs going to be defined, or is that upto the different apps?
I'm not really a fan of the do everything over POST approach, i think RESTLogs use of POST/PUT/DELETE is much better. But now that everything is a POST, going to a SOAP version will be trivial.