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Friday, July 4, 2003

Microsoft is a founding member of the WS-I, and one of the biggest proponents of doc/literal "it's just data" style SOAP, everywhere you look on the MSDN Web Services center its doc/literal SOAP is great, everything else is useless. They also have this new, built from the ground up in .NET product MS-CRM, its a big ticket item, it has a web services interface for pretty much everything. So, WTF is it doing section 5 encoded SOAP ? why is it shipping XML docs around encoded as strings in a section 5 encoded soap message. Arrrrggghhhhhhh, why, if its built on .NET doesn't it use the ASMX engine, no lets build yet another SOAP stack, lets forget to put the charset attribute on the response content-type. Why isn't there a WSDL description of the services. Someone (Keith, Don, Yasser), please go show these guys the clue stick.