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Friday, June 27, 2003

ok, impressions after the first 10 minutes
First up, the good

  • Best looking windows desktop aggregator I've seen.
  • The combination of all posts and today's news is pretty cool.
  • OPML syncronization.
  • Validate Feed button.
  • Auto-Update respects skipHours (but not sy:updateFrequency)
now the ugly
  • Doesn't handle HTTP 302 redirects.
  • Doesn't support gzip/deflate compression.
  • Doesn't support xhtml:body
  • Space (or ctrl+U) moves you down posts, but won't move you to the next channel.
  • OPML Import chokes (see this for the fix, needed if you're working from a Syndirella OPML export)
  • could be an HTTP concurrency issue, a number of channels failed, yet worked fine when individually updated.
I'll keep poking at it, but so far see no reason to stop using Syndirella or NetNewsWire. YMMV.