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Monday, May 26, 2003

There's a thread about the dropping of use='rpc' from WSDL 1.2 over on SOAPBuilders. Rich Salz is responsible for my favorite quote in the thread

Geez, this is starting to sounds like the Monty Python skit. Why is it so hard to make it clear? I've heard two different answers from five different WG members.
The discussion contines to go on, with more different answers. One thing (about the only thing so far) that is clear is that the membership of the WSDL-WG don't fully understand the decision, its implications, and how rpc/encoded is to be handled in the new world, I really hope they can get together and resolve exactly what they are doing any why, because if they can't clearly explain it to a bunch of people who write web service toolkits, they stand no chance trying to explain to web services users at large.

In related news Jeffrey Schlimmer responds to my devils advocate question. I don't know if that'll be enough. As I work through adding SOAP 1.2 to PocketSOAP I find myself asking the same question about SOAP 1.2