Simon Fell > Its just code : Saturday, March 08, 2003

Simon Fell > Its just code

Saturday, March 08, 2003

bug! Just spotted a bug in the pingback client. It doesn't look at the link of the post
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Preview now with spellcheck I are a good speler [Sam Ruby] very slick!
< 10:48:37 AM  # > Amon Tobin - Searchers (from Out From Out Where)
FMRadioStation A few folks have already mentioned this, I just tried it out, didn't like it. It wouldn't show any existing posts from my blog, not sure if that is by design, or a side affect of it requiring categories, and them just being turned on (I don't know if this will put all the existing posts in the home page category). The post editing tool is the same annoying html form thing that Radio already uses.
< 10:36:15 AM  # > Amon Tobin - Back from Space (from Out From Out Where)
IDE's My current project has me coding in C++, Java & Flash, so I've been spending some quality time using Eclipse. Jumping back into VS.NET last night really highlighted all the cool things Eclipse does like the popup suggestions for fixing compile errors, click on the right one, and it even makes the code changes. But the one I missed the most is the background compile / syntax checking, I'd do a build in VS.NET see an error, goto the code and fix it and then wonder why it was still sitting there with squiggly lines, and the error in the task list, doh!, they don't get updated until you build again.
And speaking of Flash, Macromedia have been pushing Flash as a tool for building client applications, I'm yet to be convinced, its been a pretty painful process so far.
< 10:09:18 AM  # > Portishead - Roads (from PNYC)
Private JRE's Ted has a post detailing how to use a private JRE install for a java based app to side step versioning issues. This is great stuff, I used Ted's earlier white paper on the subject to do a private JVM on a current project. If you're a Java guy you need to be reading Ted's blog.
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ZakBlog.NET Starting to take shape nicely
zakblog screen shot
< 12:07:03 AM  # > The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Venice Queen (from By the Way)