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Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Pingback provide for a more connected weblogging experience. This tool is a pingback client tool for Radio, it will automatically send pingback's to those servers that support them when you post entries in your weblog.

Download the pingback.root file and drop it in your Radio Userland\tools directory and re-start radio, you should be up and running.

Version History

v0.4 - 1/11/2003

Fixed a bug where the first link in a post wouldn't get pingback checked if there was more than one link in the post. 

v0.3 - 1/8/2003

The <link rel="pingback" ..> tag is now searched for if it can't find a X-Pingback HTTP header as per the auto discovery part of the specification.

The bulk of the pingback work is now spawned off onto a separate thread, so as not to adversly affect upstreaming performance.

Fixed a problem where links with fragment Ids didn't get the fragment Id stripped off the HTTP request.

Verbose logged is turned off [it was on in v0.2 by accident]

v0.2 - 1/1/2003

The pingback url sent now includes the fragmentID of the particular post

v0.1 - 1/1/2003

Initial Release