Simon Fell > Its just code : Monday, March 03, 2003

Simon Fell > Its just code

Monday, March 03, 2003

YATT Ethan Brown reminded me of a couple of things that needed fixing in YATT, so there's a new build up. One outstanding issue that a few people have reported is that it doesn't capture any data on their systems. I've seen this on someone's laptop but haven't yet been able to pin it down.
< 9:44:33 PM  # > Kraftwerk - Autobahn (from The Mix)
Breakaway Bundle We’re trying something new—new for us—we’re bundling NetNewsWire and UserCreations Spring. You can buy them together for just $39.95...... [] Awesome, two of the coolest OSX apps for the insanely low price of 40 bucks.
< 7:11:39 PM  # > 06 Run The Gauntlet - ESP
WSDL Sanjiva confirms my earlier thoughts that WSDL1.2 can't really describe SOAP encoded messages. Please Please provide a consistent set of features across the specs, either drop SOAP encoding from SOAP 1.2, or add soap encoding support to WSDL, but don't leave us with different specs doing different subsets. Shouldn't the WSA folks be keeping these things all lined up and pointing in the same direction ?
< 6:39:58 PM  # > Various Artists - Jealous - Marcel (from Earth 6 [UK])