Simon Fell > Its just code : Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

wOOt!, got the control commands piped up, so now i can script skipping to the next track

set f = CreateObject("PocketSOAP.Factory")
set w = f.CreateProxy("http://localhost:6067", "")

< 11:23:10 PM  # more elsewhere > Orbital - Funny Break (One Is Enough) [Plump Dj's Mix] (from Community Service)

Contining to work on the SOAP Wasabi plug-in, I started tinkering with gSOAP, I'm impressed so far, it also includes a standalone HTTP stack, so is an ideal candidate for embeding into applications.
< 11:10:10 PM  # more elsewhere > Jan Johnston - Flesh [Dj Tiesto Mix] (from Another World Disc 2)

World's first RSS 2 feed.  ... Note: despite the unusual rss version number, namespace declaration, and additional element, this feed seems to be happily consumed by Radio Userland's News Aggregator. [Sam Ruby] Reading A-ok in Newz Crawler! [The .NET Guy]

Aggie reads it fine as well.

< 9:44:13 PM  # more elsewhere > Jamez Presents Tatoine - Music (from Another World Disc 2)

Some good gigs comming up, at Bimbo's there's Gus Gus, and the Brazilian ninja Amon Tobin, then over at the Warfield there's Underworld. wOOt!
< 8:58:16 PM  # more elsewhere > The KLF - Justified and Ancient Seems a Long Time Ago (from Chill Out)