Simon Fell > Its just code : Saturday, July 27, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Saturday, July 27, 2002

PocketSOAP 1.3.5 Just released, includes updates to the DIME support to match the June 17 specs, and the HTTP transport upgraded to HTTP 1.1
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Simon Fell > Its just code : Thursday, July 25, 2002: "Just got a wireless network card for my iPaq, works a treat!"  Which did you get?  I picked up the Linksys CompactFlash card and it works very well, although it is a bit slow on making the initial connection.  Drags the extra battery pack down pretty fast though. [snellspace] Yeah, I picked up the Linksys as well, my only complaint so far, is that it sticks out forward over the CF sleeve, so that you have to remove the card from the sleeve before you can take the iPaq out of the sleeve.
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PocketFeed. So, here's some information about a new project that I've been working on over the last week: PocketFeed. PocketFeed is an RSS/RDF news aggregator that runs on the Pocket PC 2002 PDA's. Using OPML for it's blogroll, you can now take your news, blog entries, or any other type of syndicated data with you, sync it wirelessly or read it offline. It's not quiet ready yet, but jump over to the PocketFeed page for the full scoop, some screenshots and when it will be available for download. [The Furrygoat Experience] Cool
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The Furrygoat on Embedded Visual C++. I hear you brother!, It can be an incredebly frustrating time working with eVC, it certainly drives me insane whenever I have to spend more than 30 consecutive minutes with it. I hope that the Compact Framework improves the situation, but the current beta doesn't fill me with confidence that it's going to.
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