Simon Fell > Its just code : Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Dusted off my JabberD setup, and started trying out DJ's pub/sub service. Cool, I can send my Jabber subscription, see the service call the weblogs watcher to register the URL. Then I can push a weblog change out and see the Jabber messages comming back in. Awesome!
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I was looking at the threading code in Aggie last night, wondering why it didn't use ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem, as that stage in the process its entirely IO bound, using the threadpool makes a lot of sense. But not so fast, Joe pointed out that he ran into a problem with this, and I dug around and indeed there is :( back to the drawing borard.
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Reflecting 'ping's with SOAP, Jabber, and Pubsub.  ....  [DJ's Weblog] Cool, DJ has a Jabber pub/sub layer to go ontop of the weblogs watcher service. The service was designed so that it could scale by doing fanout chaining [as DJ is doing, and as BlogToaster also does] but its still centralized. I'm interested in seeing how a completely decentralized version could be built.
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