Simon Fell > Its just code : Sunday, May 19, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Sunday, May 19, 2002

Something funky going on with the aggregator in Radio, the Etag samples i posted choked the aggregator display, as far as i can tell, Radio doesn't encode the HTML when it generates the RSS, but the aggregator [or the news page] is doing a decode of what it got in the description tag. Perhaps Radio should be encoding the HTML tags in the RSS it generates ?
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... Maybe Simon's willing to post some sample header values to shed some light on the idea... [Jake's Radio 'Blog] Sure, the server response may contain an ETag header, you save this away, ascociated with the URL, then on subsequent requests for that url, you include a If-None-Match header with the etag value. If the contents haven't changed, then the server will reply with a 304 Not Modified. I moved the samples to here, as they seem to choke the aggregator display in Radio.

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Here's a suggestion for people writing RSS aggregators, use the HTTP/1.1 Etag and If-None-Match headers so that you only fetch the feed if its changed.
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Woo Hooooo !, it finally stopped raining :)
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I'm sure I've seen this mentioned before, but the ASP.NET webforms model is entirely POST based, I had to manually code up the column headers/sorting on this page, so that its GET/Bookmark friendly.
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Following a discussion on axis-dev, I've put up a user agents summary page for, so you can see what toolkits have been active in the last 7 days.
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Charles Cook, the XML-RPC.NET guy has a weblog.
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