Simon Fell > Its just code : Thursday, April 04, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Thursday, April 04, 2002

I keep reading this post from Dave, but still can't make any sense of it. .... "IBM didn't join the process (nor did the people he applauds) for many years after it started." .... many years ?? huh ?, SOAP 1.1 is 2 years old in a month and few days time. WS-I is a recent creation, but many of the participants have been involved in the SOAPBuilders interop testing. The interop testing around pre-dates SOAPBuilders, but not by much, 2/7/1 was the first non-Userland product (my own 4s4c) to pass the validator, closely followed by SOAP::Lite. whilst the first post about a live SOAPBuilders round 1 service is dated 2/13/1. I'm not aware of any cross tool SOAP interop testing that pre-dates this. I can only assume I'm miss-reading it, any one care to enlighten me ?
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Sam comments on my earlier note about the next proposed SOAPBuilder interop F2F. I'm all for having more people involved, the obvious question is why did people choose not to get involved with the last one (IIRC, there's about 30 endpoints for the round 2 tests, and there was about 12 or 13 toolkits at the round 3 meeting) ?
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