Simon Fell > Its just code : Thursday, March 14, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Thursday, March 14, 2002

David Chappell is talking at tonights Bay.NET meeting.
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Hmmm, is this Patrick Logan also this Patrick Logan ?
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... Apparently. Does Index Server get used? Something like Index Server should just be a part of the system. Why build something new, change all the Office and Shell apps, etc.? [Patrick Logan's Radio Weblog] I beleive that Index server ships with W2K/XP and is integrated into the shell->find tool. Its also extensible in that you can write filters for handling new file formats. I always had problems with it corrupting its index files, but that was back in the 1.0 days, it might be better now.
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Patrick Logan comments on my issues re: Microsoft's "stuff everything into a database" strategy, saying: "Agreed. Isn't this what Google does? ...Why wouldn't Microsoft just build us a Google?"  Darn good point! Note how Google doesn't require you move all your data into a common data store - they leave the data right where it already is, and just layer on the searching & caching value. Makes sense to me. [Peter Drayton's Radio Weblog] Kinda like Index Server ?
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