Simon Fell > Its just code : Friday, March 08, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Friday, March 08, 2002

Been battling SSL on PocketPC, finally stumbled across this, which is the only place I've seen this documented, didn't see it all in the PocketPC SDK, where it should be (in big letters).

Secured Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL uses an algorithm to encrypt data based on a trust relationship between the sender and receiver. SSL requires both the sender (the Windows CE device) and receiver (IIS server) to be trusted through a third party, a Certificate Authority. If you have ever ordered merchandise online, you are likely familiar with this type of encryption.

It is important to note the following about SSL encryption. First, Microsoft Handheld PC Professional 3.0 (Windows CE 2.11) and Palm-Sized PC (Windows CE 2.12) devices do not support the SHA-1 Encryption Algorithm. This is the default algorithm when setting up Certificate Services for Windows 2000. If you are using a stand-alone certificate authority and Windows CE devices with Windows CE 2.11 or 2.12, you must configure Certificate Services to use the MD-5 algorithm.

Note   Verisign, a major online Certificate Authority, uses the SHA-1 encryption algorithm. If you are using Handheld PC Professional or Palm-Sized PCs, you cannot use Verisign as your Certificate Authority. You will need to find an alternate Certificate Authority or create your own.

In order to use the SHA-1 encryption algorithm on Pocket PC, you will need to install the 128-bit encryption pack.

The 128-bit Encryption Pack is available at

Taken from page 6 of

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Got PocketSOAP up and running on my PocketPC2002 upgraded iPaq. Everything seems to work, once nice new feature is that PocketPC2002/ActiveSync 3.5 seems to auto proxy any outgoing connections when its sat in the cradle (unlike earlier versions which required you to do it all manually)
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It's just a bunch of developers in a room with their heads down typing.  Forging ahead, hack by hack. [via Sam Ruby's Radio Weblog] I'm glad to see that Tony & the XMethods crew are getting the recognition for setting up SOAPBuilders.
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