Simon Fell > Its just code : Thursday, January 31, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Based on the test Jake & I did, it looks like you should be able to call .NET webservices from Radio.
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Hint to Mark and everyone: if interoperability is what you want, first look here.  Pick a server from the first table, pick a client from the second table, and look at the results before you proceed.  It will save you a lot of headaches. [Sam Ruby's Radio Weblog] I'm with Sam 100% on this one. So, how do we get the 50 odd implementations listed here but not here to join in ?
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Sjoerd's example doesn't specify the namespace URI, come on guys post some thing that's (a) equivilent to the other examples, (b) is callable by the sample client code. Some of those lines of overhead are nothing to do with web services but just the fact that C# is a OO language.
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Come on Dave, I'm preparred to see the error of my ways, post an example without the 7 line of overhead.
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James responds to my earlier question : Because even I learn something new every day ;-) . I can relate to that !, the SoapRpcMethod attribute switches the service from the default doc/literal style to using section 5 encoding.
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Dave Winer asks: Look at all the overheadSam says : In that sample code, there are three lines of overhead. Yeah, I skipped the top line earlier because most ASP.NET based pages will have a declration of some form up there, typically saying its a Page, or WebService, what language its in etc.
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ROTFL, The Fellowship of the SDK : In the race to play Saruman to Bill Gates' Sauron, Scott McNealy has just pulled ahead of Larry Ellison by a hair.

Sun has just made available Early Access Release 1 of the Java (TM) Web Services Developer Pack. The slogan chosen to inspire the Java faithful: "One Pack to Build Them All". Complete with nifty LoTRish graphic. Clearly, someone in marketing hasn't quite thought through all the ramifications of this claim. Is McNealy the Dark Lord? Is this code destined to be thrown by Frodo into the Crack of Doom and Obsolescence? Will the lesser Java developer kits lose their power once this happens, and fade away? Is Ellison relegated to the role of one of the Ringwraiths? Or will he instead choose to play Gollum?

We'll have to wait for Release 2 to hit the theaters to find out... [Curt Hagenlocher - WinTech OT Mailing List]
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Web Service Interop  I can't work out why James didn't setup the .NET endpoint to be the same at the other endpoints, that way a single peice of client code could of called all 3 without changes. All it should take is adding the SoapRpcMethod attribute to the sayHello method.
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Read this article on Web Services interop. It's an eye-opener because they include sample code for a web service in .NET. Look at all the overhead. Did they really design an environment for web services? If so what are all those magic incantations about?   [Scripting News] Huh ?, I don't follow this at all, the .NET code is

<%@ WebService Language="C#" Class="Hello" %>

using System.Web.Services;

public class Hello {

    [ WebMethod ]
    public string sayHello(string name) {
        return "Hello " + name;

Now there's a grand total of 2 things in the above code that you need for a web service, that's not normally needed, the [WebMethod] attribute which says expose this method as a webservice, and the [WebService(Namespace="urn:Hello")] attribute which says this class is a webservice, and its methods should be in the urn:Hello namespace. Hardly "all those magic incantations", So come on Dave, what's the equivilent in Radio ?, a valid request should look something like

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
<m:sayHello xmlns:m="urn:Hello">

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