Simon Fell > Its just code : Monday, January 21, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Monday, January 21, 2002

I just set-up a poll for required features for the pocketSOAP set of tools on the pocketSOAP mailing list. Join the list and vote.
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Having more problems with .NET webservices. Perhaps the MS guys should get organized and ship one complete SOAP/WSDL toolkit, rather than 5 half baked ones [theres 2 in .NET, MSTK2.0, ATL and Biztalk]

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I'm just having no luck at all with ASP.NET web services.
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Cool, just found the RSS feed for Brad's weblog.
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As I suspected WS-License and WS-Security allow for the passing of credentials, but doesn't define an authentication scheme, rather they assume you'll be using some existing authentication scheme, like kerberos or x509 certificates.
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I found The Rules for Open-Source Programming to be both insightful and a joy to read.  I especially like Ralph's more rules, and Sunir's corrolaries has given me much to think about. [Sam Ruby's Radio Weblog]
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Grrrhhhh, I see the folks at msdn have had done their monthly random shuffling of pages, lots of 404s. Come on guys, its a joke how often you mess it up, get a grip !.
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I'm looking at SOAP based authentication today, how to do authentication with no reliance on the transport used. So far i've looked at SOAP Extensions: Basic and Digest Authentication from Bob Cunnings and Rich Salz. Pretty easy to implement [I knocked up a pocketsoap / c# client for this in a couple of hours], and I like the fact that its safe from replay attacks.

I'll probably take another look at the MS GXA specs later, but i suspect for authentication they're going to be using Kerberos tickets packaged in WS-License headers, which will be fine, when Passport 3.0 ships with Kerberos support.

Know of any I've missed, then let me know.

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Sam, thanks for the kind words
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