Simon Fell > Its just code : Sunday, January 20, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Sunday, January 20, 2002

I keep seeing Lucas Marshall appear in, i go look at page, but its the same, what's going on ?, then i realize its probably from the changes to the "now playing" part, doh !
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Doing more work on 4s4c 2.0.
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You should now see under my navigation links at right what is now playing in iTunes on my computer. This is my first try at making a Radio Tool, and it's not complete yet, but once it is I'll make it availble to all. [Lucas Marshall's Weblog] Cool, another Music Radio Integration
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You just can't beat Dave for flow.
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More talk about WSDL. I have no issues with WSDL the concept, its just a machine readable description of a SOAP endpoint. But I have lots of issues with WSDL the reality.

  1. Its not praticle to author by hand, this is a problem if WSDL is going to be the IDL of WebServices [ more about this in Gudge & Tims article on ]
  2. Writing WSDL tools is a complex problem, there are issues with the spec, its deliberatly loose about some things, it [in reality] relies on XSD, tools for working with XSD are just starting to become available for the popular platform, but XSD is also very complex, there are issues with the XSD tools as well.
  3. Because of (2), most of today's WSDL tools suck big time, sure if all you want to do is call add(int a,int b), then i'm sure you'll see few issues. If you want to do something more realistic [use doc/literal SOAP with validating endpoints, make use of SOAP Header], then you're in for a tough time. For example, try running your favourite WSDL tool against the Whitemesa SOAP Digest Authentication server. I spent a day and half trying to get .NET's wsdl tool [wsdl.exe] to read this, and finally gave up, and started coding by hand. the Wsdl2java tool in GLUE also had similar problems. [I'm not picking on these 2 specifically, but they seem to be 2 of the more advanced wsdl tools]

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