ISoapAttachment::TypeNameFormat Property

[propget] HRESULT TypeNameFormat([out, retval] TypeNameFormat * tnf);
[propput] HRESULT TypeNameFormat([in] TypeNameFormat tnf);

This is the format that the TypeName property takes, this is typically tnfMedia type to indicate that the TypeName is a MIME media type or tnfAbsoluteURI to indicate that the TypeName is an AbsoluteURI as detailed in the DIME specification.


Return Values


Sample Code

' create the attachment, and create a reference between the attachment and the parameter
set a = mgr.Request.Create ("c:\picture.gif", tnfMediaType, "image/gif")

if a.TypeNameFormat = tnfMediaType then
	wscript.echo "media type = " & a.TypeName
end if


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