ISoapAttachment Interface


This interface provides the primary means for manipulating a single attachment object.


Base Interface



Methods, in vtable order (after base interface)

Name Description
Initialize   Initializes the attachment to a known state & values
Body  [propget] The attachment data
Body  [propput]
TypeNameFormat  [propget] The format that the TypeName property takes.
TypeNameFormat  [propput]
TypeName  [propget] The Type of the attachment
TypeName  [propput]
ContentId  [propget] The Identifier for this attachment, by default this is generated by the attachment object as needed.
ContentId  [propput]
Located  [propget] Indicates where the attachment data is currently located
Uri  [propget] The Uri identifier for this attachment
Uri  [propput]
Save   Saves an in memory attachment to the specified disk file


When to Implement

There is a standard implementation of this, you shouldn't need to implement this youself.


When to Call

Call this interface to manipulate a particular attachment, either one being created to send with the request, or one returned from the server.


See Also

The PocketSOAPAttachments Library | 




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