CoSoapAttachment CoClass


This represents a single request or response attachment.


Supported Interfaces

Name Description
ISoapAttachment  [default] Common information about a single attachment
ISoapAttachmentFormat   Controls the attachment format


How to Instantiate

Although it can be created directly, typically you create new attachments via the Create method on the request attachments collection


Sample Code

' create the attachments object, and switch to MIME formatted attachments
set a = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.Attachments")
a.format = formatMime

' create the parameter that has the attachment attached to it
set n = e.parameters.create("gif", empty)

' create the attachment, and create a reference between the attachment and the parameter
n.href = a.Request.Create ("c:\picture.gif", tnfMediaType, "image/gif").Uri


See Also

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