Here's a collection of applications & developer tools for use with, these are mostly for Mac OSX.

If you any questions, comments or suggestions, please use the OSX Forum at

SoqlXplorer (v2.9 : 6 March 2018)

SoqlXplorer is an OSX based schema explorer tool for, its a native Cocoa based application to explore your schema and data. An invaluable tool for any developer.

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ZKSforce (v40.1 : 10 December 2017)

An open source Cocoa library for accessing the API, the library that powers SoqlXplorer, SF3 and Maildrop. Supports both OSX & iOS

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Trapdoor (v1.11 : 24 February 2017)

Securly manage all your credentials on your keychain, and quickly login as any account.

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LexiLoader (v30.0 : 5 June 2014)

An OSX build of the Apex Data Loader application, quickly export, create or update data in your organization.

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Beatbox (v0.95 : 21 May 2013)

An open source Python library for accessing the API.

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Maildrop (v2.93 : 31 May 2012)

Easy integration for your email in Mail, Entourage and Outlook 2011 to

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AppleScript Connector (v0.6 : 16 July 2011)

An applescriptable application whos focus is making API calls to, allows you more easily build integrations between your OSX Desktop/Applications and

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Apex Coder (v1.0 : 20 June 2007)

A command line tool to quick upload and compile apex packages and triggers, run unit tests, and to run anonymous apex coder. Also includes a TextMate bundle of the same thing.

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Beta and Experimental releases

Streamer (v1.0 : 9 July 2011)

Demo app for the Streaming API

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Quicksilver Plugin (v0.7 : 12 April 2010)

A Quicksilver plugin for, search, quickly upload documents, and post to Chatter all from the comfort of Quicksilver.

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SFFS (v1.2 : 22 November 2009)

Easily explore and use your document and content repositories by mounting it as a real volume on your Mac!.

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