I'll be assembling a collection of WSDL related ramblings and tools here.
pocketSOAP WSDL Proxy Generator (v2.3.0 5/9/2004)
This is a major revision of the WSDL Proxy Generator, it now supports rpc/encoded and document/literal style services, it will generate a complete VB6 project, including classes for complex types and custom serializers. Both GUI and command line tools are available.
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pocketSOAP WSDL Proxy Generator (v0.1.2 1/3/2002)
This wizard will read a WSDL file and produce a VB6.0 class that calls the web service it describes. It generates code for use with pocketSOAP 1.2.1 (or greater). Once the class file has been generated simply add it to your VB project, add a reference to the pocketSOAP library, and you're all set.
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WSDL Test Cases
I put together a couple of test cases for WSDL, and tried out the current WSDL tools, i posted the results to my soap blog
WSDL Description for Manila

I've put together an expermental WSDL description for Manila. The file covers (almost) everything needed to be at the "Pike" compatible level, there are still one or two issues, and i'm working through these with the Userland folks. You can grab a copy from here. Note that all the addresses listed are localhost:8080, either tweak the file as needed, or run tcpTrace on localhost:8080 and have it forward to the Manila site you want to work with. I also have a pile of VBScript & VB examples of calling the Manila interface using pocketSOAP. I'll be tidying these up and releasing them on the samples page.

WSDL Validator

This is an attempt to write a Schematron based validator for SOAP oriented WSDL documents. The current version checks the basic structure, and that the various related elements point to valid elements (i.e. service/port refrences a valid binding, binding reference a valid porttype, that the porttype references valid messages etc). It doesn't yet check the schema part of the document.

If you've never used Schematron before, then you'll need to collect the relevant peices, here's what i've been using

Once you've got all the bits downloaded and installed, you need a little script to glue it all together, here's what i've been using, replace the paths with whatever is relevant for your configuration.
G:\soap_src\saxon\saxon.exe -o temp.xsl   wsdl.schema G:\soap_src\zvonSchematron\bin\zvonSchematron.xsl
G:\soap_src\saxon\saxon.exe -o report.htm %1    temp.xsl  
save the above as a script, say v.cmd, then run "v" to run the validation. When this is finished you can check the report.htm file to see if there were any errors detected.