Simon Fell > Its just code : Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Worth a look, the IPR statements for the XML Protocol Working Group [aka SOAP 1.2]
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WSIL?. Timothy Appnel on WSIL.  OK, so I must be missing something.... How's this different from the old DISCO again? Can anyone explain? Simon? [Commonality] The main difference is that the spec has both IBM & Microsoft's name on the cover.
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WebServices.Org: "IBM donate key Web Services technologies to Apache" The Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) and WS-Inspection for Java Implementation (WSIL4J) are now Apache projects.  [snellspace] Now all they need to do is fix the license on the dependencies, so its actually usable.
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SOAP 1.2 goes to Last Call
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