Simon Fell > Its just code : Saturday, May 18, 2002

Simon Fell > Its just code

Saturday, May 18, 2002

Joe C. Carson: Turncoats. There have been a number of influential pro-Windows types who have been switching to Mac OS X, largely due to desperation borne of Windows' increasingly unfriendly behavior. [dive into mark] I seem to recall Peter was thinking about getting a power book, which I didn't grok at the time, but I'm becoming more and more tempted myself to get something that'll run OS X.
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Peter posted some answers. It seems to me that the GAC is as secure as the rest of the windows directory, i.e. good in theory, bad in practice.
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Is Strong Named Assembly Really Secure? - Interesting, I thought that the test.exe manifest included the public key token of the version of real.dll that it got compiled against, and that this was verified at runtime. Where's Peter when you need him ?
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The search for high level wsdl editing/generating tools continues: [John Burkhardt] I'm an Onmiopera fan, and the new beta has some great features like generating WSDL as two files, one for the abstract definitions, and a second with the binding in.
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