Building PocketXML-RPC from the Source

The source ZIP file should include everything you need to build either the desktop or PocketPC versions of the binaries.

As noted in the LEGAL file, 3rdparty\dispimpl2.h is not covered by the MPL, and is Copyright © 1998-2000 Chris Sells, my thanks to Chris for making my life and yours easier by allowing me to include this file in the source drop. see for the latest version of dispimpl2.h and many other fine COM goodies.


The desktop version was built on Windows XP Pro with SP1 using Visual Studio 6 with SP5 and the July 2002 Platform SDK installed. You MUST install at least the July 2002 Platform SDK to build the Win32 version.
The Pocket PC version was built on Windows XP Pro with SP1 using MS Embedded Visual C++ 3.0 and the PocketPC2002 SDK installed.

Build Order

  1. zlib_static (see 3rdparty\zlib_121\contrib\vstudio6 or 3rdparty\zlib_121\contrib\evc3)
  2. pocketHTTP
  3. xmltok_static (part of expat)
  4. xmlparse_static (part of expat)
  5. PocketXML-RPC


The installs are built using NSIS v2.00,