ISerializerContext::Namespaces Property (read-only)

[propget] HRESULT Namespaces([out, retval] ISOAPNamespaces ** ns);

This returns an interface to the Namespace manager, typically you don't need to use this, as all the serialize functions with URIs handle the prefix mappings for you.


Return Values

This returns an interface to the namespace manager associated with the current serialization.


Sample Code

Visual Basic Class File

Implements ISoapSerializer

Private Const NS = ""

Private Sub ISoapSerializer_Serialize(  Val As Variant, _
                                        ByVal ctx As PocketSOAP.ISerializerContext, _
                                        ByVal dest As PocketSOAP.ISerializerOutput)
    dim ns as ISOAPNamespaces
    set ns = ctx.Namespaces
	dim prefix as string
	prefix = ns.GetPrefixForURI(NS)
End Sub


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