ISOAPTransport::Send Method

HRESULT Send([in] BSTR endpoint, [in] BSTR Envelope);

This takes the SOAP Envelope and sends it to the endpointURL, exactly what that entails depends on the transport object being used. The transport object is responsible for transcoding the Envelope from the supplied UTF-16 format, to whatever is a suitable format for the transport medium [e.g. the HTTP transports transcodes to UTF-8 before sending the request]



BSTR, [in]: The endpoint URL, e.g. , rawtcp://
BSTR, [in]: The SOAP Envelope to send [normally generated by calling ISOAPEnvelope::Serialize()]


Return Values

///todo: discuss the possible return values


Sample Code

dim t
set t = CreateObject("pocketSOAP.HTTPTransport")
t.Send "", e.serialize
e.parse t


See Also

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